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Uploaded on: 11 Jul 2019

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Artist : Bon Iver
Duration : 03 Min 39 Sec
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Lirik Lagu Bon Iver - Faith

[Verse 1]
Shattered in history
Shattered in paint
Oh, and the lengths that I'd
Stay up late
But brought to my space
The wonderful things I’ve learned to waste

[Verse 2]
I should've known
That I shouldn't hide
To compromise and to covet
All what’s inside
There is no design
You'll have to decide
If you'll come to know, I'm the faithful kind

[Verse 3]
Time and again
(Got all that I need)
It's time to be brave
Content to the phrases
That at dawn, we ain't mazes
Just some kind of pages

[Verse 4]
This for my sister
That for my maple
It's not going the road I'd known as a child of God
Nor to become stable
(So what if I lose? I’m satisfied)

Am I dependent in what I’m defending
And do we get to hold what faith provides?
Fold your hands into mine
I did my believing
Seeing every time

I know it's lonely in the dark
And this year’s a visitor
And we have to know that faith declines
I'm not all out of mine