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Artist : twenty one pilots
Duration : 03 Min 56 Sec
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Lirik Lagu Twenty One Pilots - My Blood

When everyone you thought you knew,
Deserts your fight, I'll go with you.
You're facing down a dark hall,
I'll grab my light, and go with you.

I'll go with you.

Surrounded and up against a wall,
I'll shred them all, and go with you.
When choices end, you must defend,
I'll grab my bat, and go with you.

Stay with me. No, you don't need to run.
Stay with me, my blood. You don't need to run.

If there comes a ,
People posted up at the end your driveway,
They're calling for your head,
and they're calling for your name,
I'll bomb down them, I'm coming through.
Do they know I was grown with you?
If they're here to smoke, know I'll go with you,
Just keep it outside, keep it outside, yeah.

If you find yourself in a lion's den,
I'll jump right in and pull my pin, and go with you.

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