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Artist : Burgerkill
Duration : 06 Min 34 Sec
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Lirik Lagu Burgerkill - My Worst Enemy

Hey you! Yeah you mother fucker!
Listen to me... I won't be a part of what you've created
I owe you nothing!

There's too much cracked white frames these days
In the name of religion with disguisting ways
Violence is your best part to destroy the opponent
Determining who's good or bad, like the holy man
And deciding who's gonna live or die

Our days are getting shorter
I'm afraid the worst will crush us
I watch my world crumbling down
All i see is a damnation, This is an absolute horror
Who the hell are you?
I won't live in the world that you have created

I'm the beast that you fear the most
I'll kick you down, I'll choke you down
'til your heart stops beating
I'm pround watching you fail
And I'm watching you bleed
Until your heart stops beating
You can't stop me, you're playing god!

I will shake your hand with my bloody fist

And justice means nothing today
It's faded by lack of torelance
Through my eyes I've seen the lies
Nothing has changed cause nothing was done
I'm your foe.. The fearless foe
I know the roots and i know the thruth
This is not the end!

You think you can control me
There's nothing you can do to stop me

You are not my enemy, but my fucking worse enemy!

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