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Artist : Burgerkill
Duration : 05 Min 18 Sec
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Lirik Lagu Burgerkill - Under The Scars

Sometimes there's no words
To explain what you've done
Acting like a god
And smell like an animal
You keep serving me with your trick
And hiding behind the highest brick
Can you feel us? Can you see us?
Now i know you're just afraid that i'm right
Now I feel you're just afraid that i'm real

All the life phase in this world is a scenario
Too many promises disappear without trace
Face... Face the blur line, face the lost line
Insane... I can't stand on all this shit

See my fist... Face to face!
Look at this scars
It's enough to explain for what you have done
All my hatred will slay everything that pushed me away
Drop the system, drop that power
Erase... All that bullshit away

You thrust the knife into my side, Why?
We were born to bleed
We are here to dominate
We're stronger than ever before

Now I know you're just afraid that I'm right
Now I feel you're just afraid that I'm real

You offer... To protect
See my scars... See my scars
You pretend... To protect
See this fucking scars... This fucking scars!

I'm coming!
We're never alone... We are never forget!

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under the scars